Q: Why does Sonic give me a quote when everybody else gives me estimates?
A: We like to give our customers the peace of mind of having a set price for a move so that they can budget all the rest of their moving expenses easily without surprises on moving day.

Q: What happens if you break my stuff?
A: Although accidents are rare, they do happen. If we do cause damage to your property, we make sure that your possession is properly repaired. We have close relationships with refinishers, glass and mirror experts, drywallers and painters to get the job done right.

Q: What if the move takes longer than expected, do I pay more?
A: If you are honest during your quote about what we will be doing, your price will be what it is quoted at. The only exceptions are if there are waiting times beyond our control.

Q: Do you do out of town moves?
A: We do all moves within the province of Ontario.

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